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Steel Plant Dust Filter bags material

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-02-25      Origin: Site


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Among the many filter materials, the dust removal filter materials suitable for steel furnaces and kilns are divided into normal temperature filter materials and high temperature filter materials. Among them, the normal temperature filter materials mainly include polyester (polyester) filter bags , acrylic (polypropylene cyanide) filter bags , and the high-temperature filter material mainly includes METAMAX filter bags  (NOMEX, CONEX), P84 ( Polyimide) filter bags, glass fiber filter bags, etc.

Polyester filter bags. The filter material is a woven filter cloth made of polyester staple fibers. It has the characteristics of high, low elongation, strong acid and weak alkali resistance. Its service life is generally 4 to 6 times that of glass fiber fabrics, and it has good air permeability. , high dust collection rate, easy to clean dust, dust removal efficiency can exceed 98. This filter material is used for a long time in the normal temperature smoke and dust replenishment of the environmental dust collector in the steel furnace and kiln.

Acrylic filter bags. The filter material is a synthetic fiber filter material with good hydrolysis resistance, and is suitable for continuous operation at a temperature of 125°C to 140°C. The filter material has good resistance to solvents, oxidants, inorganic acids and acids, and has good hydrolysis resistance, but general alkali resistance. environment can be used.

Metalas filter bags. The filter material is needle-punched with Nomex fiber, which has excellent temperature resistance and can be operated continuously at a temperature of 204 ° C; it has good chemical resistance, low concentration of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbons. It will not cause any impact, and will not cause obvious corrosion even if it encounters a small amount of fluoride; it has outstanding high temperature stability, and the thermal shrinkage rate is less than 1% at a temperature of 250 °C; it has good performance, only at 400 °C Began to decompose and carbonize, the oxygen index is 30 points, neither spontaneous combustion nor combustion support. The filter material is widely used in various high temperature flue gas filtration occasions.

P84 filter bags. The filter material is made of a flame-retardant, temperature-resistant and stable fiber filter material, which can withstand temperature up to 260°C. The filter material is mainly used for dry dust removal of blast furnace gas.

Glass fiber filter bags. The filter material is made of glass fiber monofilaments interspersed in random order, with a non-directional three-dimensional microporous structure, small voids, large porosity, and has good sound absorption, shock absorption, corrosion, insulation, and flame retardant properties. The filter material has high porosity, small gas filtration resistance, large filtration wind speed, dust removal, and has the advantages of bending resistance, stable size, and is used for high-temperature flue gas collection in steel furnaces.

 PTFE filter bags. The filter material has the characteristics of non-stickiness, heat resistance (continuous use between 240°C and 260°C), sliding property (lower friction coefficient), moisture resistance (surface free from water and oil), corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used to coat the surface of various dust removal filter materials to increase the filtration accuracy and environmental adaptability of dust removal bags.

At present, the dust bag filter materials mainly used in the iron and steel industry are the first five varieties of the above-mentioned filter materials, which are respectively used for dust removal in normal temperature environment, secondary collection dust removal and high temperature flue gas dust removal.

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