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Subjective causes of dust filter bag damage

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The dust filter bag is an important part of the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter, and the cost of changing the bag is the maintenance cost of the bag filter, so the service life of the filter bag is related to the operation form and cost of the dust collector.

Chongxin dust removal Equipment Co., Ltd. believes that there are four subjective reasons for dust removal bag damage:

1. Product quality

The processing of cloth bags is particularly important. In RECENT YEARS, A FEW SMALL MANUFACTURERS USE SMALL SEWING MACHINE TO PROCESS EQUIPMENT, AND INFERIOR LINE IS RAW MATERIAL WHEN PROCESSING, WITH FALSE AND TRUE, PROCESSING DEGREE ALSO IS FAR BEHIND. So that the filter bag in the use of time is not long then open line, gap, lost bottom scene. Although the size of the bag is slightly smaller, it can also be used, but after the adsorption of dust with a larger proportion, the use of a period of time will be a lost bag scene.

2, the use of temperature

Choose the appropriate response to dust temperature dust bag, is the hub of the filter bag. Assuming that the temperature is too high, the selected dust bag is beyond the normal operating temperature, the filter bag light will shorten the service life, serious will be destroyed in a short time. Therefore, in the selection of filter bags must determine the temperature of the dust collector, in the selection of the response of the dust bag.

3. Filter the wind speed

The filter wind speed of the bag filter is too high, which is the main reason for the damage of the dust bag. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment, add profits, in the design of bag filter, the filter wind speed is increased, in a short time the user has no obvious response, but greatly shorten the service life of the filter bag. So far not only did not save money to customers, but also brought a very large economic burden, and lavish time.

4, dust medium

The choice of dust filter bag fabric of dust collector is determined by the nature of dust. It is necessary to consider whether the dust can contain acid, alkali or corrosive substances. According to the nature of the dust selection of suitable filter material, so that the filter bag can be normal dust adsorption, and does not affect its service life.

Dust filter bags  are widely used in steel, cement, chemical, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, grain processing and so on.

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