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Technical requirements for dust filter bags in power plants

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1 The material selection and processing method of the filter material of the power plant dust filter bag should fully consider the operating conditions of the coal-fired boiler and the requirements of the flue gas characteristics to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the filter bag during its life. The supplier of filter material processing can choose the best solution according to the design requirements, and it does not rule out that a design solution that is different from the design requirements is proposed to meet the performance requirements.

2 Power plant dust filter bag specifications

The filter bag is round, size: φ135×8100 150*6000 130*6000 160*6000

3 Power plant dust filter bag material: 100% PPS/PPS, PPS/PTFE, 50%PPS+50%PTFE (fabric)+PTFE (base cloth)

4Filter bag filter method: external filter

5Dust filter bag cleaning method: pulse cleaning is adopted, and the cleaning pressure is 0.25~0.35MPa.

6 The perimeter of the spring clamp of the power plant dust filter bag is strictly controlled within ±0.2mm. In addition, the seam of the filter bag is required to be straight and must not be significantly distorted.

7 The power plant dust filter bag should be easy to disassemble and assemble, with good airtightness, firmness, high installation reliability, reasonable cutting of the filter bag, and minimizing seams. At the splicing place, the overlap width shall not be less than 15mm. The needle-punched felt filter bag process is adopted, and the assembling gap between the cage and the filter bag is 4-6mm in diameter, and the bottom gap is 15-120mm. Without special tools, the bag cage can be easily disassembled and installed.

8 The sewing thread of the power plant dust filter bag body requires the use of strong, heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, anti-oxidation, thermal expansion and other materials that are not lower than the body material. This project requires PTFE suture to be sewn.

9 The selection of power plant dust filter bag materials considers factors such as high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, dust particle size, air-to-cloth ratio, dust abrasion, dust removal method, hydrolysis resistance, anti-sticky bag, anti-oil pollution, installation method and other factors , Short-term high temperature resistant 190℃ materials, effective service life ≥35000h. 

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