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The advantages of ptfe dust filter bag

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The ptfe dust filter bag is a new type of filter that is compounded with a polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) film on the surface of an ordinary filter. Three-dimensional network structure, dust can not pass through, so there is no need to worry about the blockage of gaps. This type of filtering is called "surface filtering". The manufacturer of ptfe dust filter bags said that the membrane filter can not only achieve near-zero emission performance, but also the film has no stickiness and the equipment resistance is stable for a long time. Therefore, the advantages of the bag filter are fully utilized and it is an ideal filter.

1. Usually, ptfe dust filter bag manufacturers tell us that the industrial filtration method is deep filtration, and the appearance of the dust bag constitutes a primary dust layer to achieve useful filtration. The time from the beginning of filtration to the formation of useful filtration is relatively long, accounting for about 10% of the entire filtration process time, the resistance is relatively large, the pressure during filtration and blowback is also relatively high, often produces dust removal, high energy consumption, the use of membrane filtration Dust bag made of material

2. Long service life. We learned from the ptfe dust filter bag manufacturer that no matter what cleaning mechanism is adopted, the membrane filter material can exert excellent performance. It is a filter material with strong filtering effect, so it is cheap at hand. soft.

Since the soft and tough tissue structure will not be lost, it has sufficient mechanical strength, and has excellent deashing properties, which can be used for a long time and prolong the life of the filter.

3. Continuous work of low pressure and high flux. Traditional depth filters allow dust to pass through during use. Once a dust layer is formed, the air permeability will drop rapidly, the dust accumulated inside the filter will be blocked, and the resistance of the dust removal equipment will increase. The manufacturer of ptfe dust filter bags pointed out that due to the pore size of the membrane filter and the viscosity under it, the transmission rate of dust is close to zero. Since it is a filtration power suitable for use, it sinks and accumulates on the surface of the membrane filter. reach a certain level.

4. Simply clean the ash. The manufacturer of ptfe dust filter bag tells us that in the case that any filter loses operating pressure, after direct ash removal, it remains or remains outside the filter, and the amount of dust below depends on the length of time for ash removal. It takes a few seconds.

According to the manufacturer of the ptfe dust filter bag, the ptfe dust filter bag has very good cleaning characteristics, which can remove the dust layer in the ash every time. Sustain lost work at low pressure.

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