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The difference from membrane dust filter bags

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The membrane dust filter bag is a layer of polytetrafluoroethylene film compounded on the surface of the ordinary dust filter bag filter material. The surface is smooth and resistant to various chemical substances. It can play the role of waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static. effect. Therefore, the dust filter bag can obtain an effective filtering effect in the early stage of use. The membrane structure is a unique three-dimensional mesh, which can effectively block the dust out of the dust bag without the worry of pore blockage. The membrane dust filter bag is more meticulous for dust filtration, and its life is better than that of ordinary dust filter bags, whether it is the initial filter dust or during use.

The membrane dust filter bag has very good cleaning characteristics. The dust layer can be removed every time the dust is cleaned. The inside of the filter will not cause blockage, and the porosity and mass density will not be changed. It can work at low pressure loss. The operating pressure of one kind of material is directly taken from the amount of dust left after cleaning or left on the surface of the filter material, and the cleaning time is long, and the 729 filter material is softer than other filter materials, that is, it is easy to clean the dust.

Non-coated dust filter bags are ordinary cotton and linen fibers and other materials, which can filter ordinary dust. Common industrial dust removal bags do not use film-coated dust removal bags. It relies on the surface of the filter material to first establish a dust layer for effective filtration. The effective filtration time is long, the resistance is large, and the efficiency is low. No interception, large loss, high backflushing pressure through the box, complicated cleaning, high self-energy consumption, short service life, and large equipment footprint. When using the membrane filter cloth, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, indicating that the surface has passed through, regardless of the thickness of the dust, all of which are deposited on the surface.

The uncoated dust bag can filter ordinary dust. The film-coated dust filter bag is based on the characteristics of dust, and the corresponding material is coated on the filter bag, which can play a variety of purposes such as high temperature resistance, explosion-proof, fire-proof, waterproof, oil-proof, etc. It plays a very important role in the wide application of bag filter. . The film-coated dust filter bag has the advantages of good air permeability and water resistance, and is a new type of dust filter material. The film-coated dust bag uses the film-coated technology to maintain the inherent high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging, etc. of PTFE, and can resist tiny particles.

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