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The dust removal method of bag filter

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1. Physical cleaning

Mainly rely on manual or mechanical devices to vibrate or vibrate the dust bag to make the dust attached to the dust bag fall. Rapping can adopt two methods, vertical or horizontal. The advantages of this dust removal method are simple and convenient, and suitable for bag filter with small air volume, low concentration and scattered dust points. The disadvantages are uneven vibration, low filtration wind speed and greater damage to the dust bag.

Second, the countercurrent blows back the dust

Pass the dust bag and dust layer in the direction opposite to the dust-containing airflow, and use airflow type dust to fall off the dust bag. Using this method, there must be a supporting structure in the dust removal bag to prevent the dust bag from being flattened, the dust bag being stuck, and the dust bag being damaged. The advantage of this ash cleaning method is that the airflow distribution is relatively uniform, but the disadvantage is that the ash cleaning intensity is small and the wind speed cannot be too high. There are several ways to clean the dust against the wind:

1. Sub-chamber back-blowing cleaning method

Adopting a sub-chamber structure, the valve is switched from room to room to form a reverse air flow, so that the dust bag shrinks and expands to shake off the dust. This method requires low kinetic energy, and uses the working pressure of the bag filter as the power for dust removal. In special occasions, the back-blowing airflow power is required. The cleaning mechanism is simple and the maintenance is convenient. It can be repaired and inspected without stopping the machine.

2. Vibration blowback combined cleaning method

It adopts the double dust removal effect of vibration and counter air flow. The vibration loosens the dust, and the counter air blows off the dust. The dust removal effect is very good. It is especially suitable for removing fine particles and cohesive dust.

3. Nozzle back-blowing cleaning method

 Using a high-pressure fan or a blower as the power, the moving nozzle is blown to the dust removal bag to form a strong reverse airflow. The dust removal bag is affected by the airflow and shakes off the dust. According to the nozzle form and its movement trajectory, this method can be divided into three types: rotary back-blowing, reciprocating back-blowing and air ring sliding back-blowing.

4. Rotary back-blowing and reciprocating back-blowing cleaning methods

Need to adopt the form of a flat dust-removing cloth bag with a dust-removing framework outside.

Three, sonic cleaning

The sonic dust cleaner is used to convert the kinetic energy of the pressure gas into acoustic wave energy, so that the dust removal bag vibrates and shakes off the dust. The cover method has advanced technology, low power consumption, and small damage to the equipment, but it costs too much money, and most users do not use this method of cleaning.

Fourth, pulse jet cleaning

The pulse blowing mechanism is used to release the compressed air flow in an instant. The compressed air is used as the power, and the secondary air several times around is induced through the venturi tube to be sprayed into the dust bag in a very short time, so that the dust bag shrinks from the filtering state to the center. The outer bulge is deformed, the vibration is sharply deformed, and the dust is shaken off the surface of the dust bag and falls into the ash bucket. The advantages of this dust removal method are strong dust removal ability, good dust removal effect, high allowable over-rate wind speed, dust collector can clean dust while dust removal, and can be used for dust with high viscosity, fine particles, high concentration, and humidity. surroundings. The disadvantage is that high-pressure compressed air blowing is too high to cause more serious damage to the dust collection bag. Therefore, when using this cleaning method, a good quality, wear-resistant, thick, and strong tension-resistant dust collection bag must be used.

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