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The feature of Fiberglass Dust Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-29      Origin: Site


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Fiberglass Filter Bag 



Made from fiberglass yarns, 900gsm fiberglass filter bags is a good choice for gas filtration applications. Fiberglass filter bags t is a specially engineered fiberglass felt media designed to meet the most demanding particulate filtration applications.


1.High temperature resistance of 240-260 degree C 
2.Excellent dimensional stability and low shrinkage rate.

3.High breaking strength
4.High cost performance ratio, low price compared to ptfe high temperature filter felt.


 1.Product Collectors:carbon black, cement clinker, and TiO2

 2.Kilns: lime, kaolin, and asphalt

 3.Smelters: lead and tin

 4.Incinerators:medical, municipal, and chemical

 5.Industrial Boilers coal-fired, fluidized bed, multi-fuel, and wood fired

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