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The feature of PPS Filter Bags

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PPS dust filter bag is a filter material manufactured and processed by our company using polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fibers produced in Japan and other countries according to other high temperature resistant filter felt production processes. It is one of the main varieties of high temperature resistant filter materials.

PPS needle punched filter media has superior performance in the following applications.

1. Oxides containing sulfur in fuel or sulfur in flue gas have been proven to be a fiber with strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and chemical resistance.

2. Where the flue gas contains moisture.

3. Working temperature is 190℃, short-time working temperature is 232℃, melting point is 285℃, oxygen index is 34-35.

4. It can be applied when the oxygen content is 15% or less.

5. When the temperature is 190-232℃ in industrial and mining conditions, when the air-to-cloth ratio is as high as 5:1 for online cleaning and 6:1 for offline cleaning, the PPS filter bag has an excellent performance record.

The outstanding advantages of needle-punched felt made of polyphenylene sulfide fiber for PPS bags are shown in the following aspects:

1. Good temperature resistance. Melting point is 285℃, continuous use temperature is 160℃, instant use temperature is 190℃.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance Polyphenylene sulfide fiber fiber is superior to NomexConex and Kermel fiber in terms of resistance to organic acid, inorganic acid, acid and oxidant.

3. The polar oxygen index (LDI) of the preferred flame-retardant polyphenylene sulfide fiber is 34-35, and the fiber is a non-combustible substance. Polyphenylene sulfide fiber needle punched felt not only has high temperature resistance, but also has corrosion resistance.

PPS filter felt is an ideal filter material in pulse cleaning dust collectors such as coal-fired boilers, garbage incinerators, and dust collection treatment of power plant fly ash. PPS fiber has complete retention of strength and inherent chemical resistance, which can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments and achieve an ideal service life.

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