The main factors affecting the life of bag filter of filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-13      Origin: Site


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The blocking of the dust filter bag: the blocking of the dust filter bag in detail is the increase of the resistance of the dust bag, which can be shown by the increase of the value of the differential pressure gauge. The blocking of dust bag is the cause of wear, perforation and falling of filter bag.

The causes of bag blocking of bag filter can be checked and repaired by the phenomena listed in the table. In general, the following approaches can be taken:

a, temporarily strengthen the ash removal to eliminate obstruction.

b, partially or completely change the filter bag;

C. Adjusting device and working conditions.

Dust bag damage: dust bag shape, device method and structure are the causes of dust filter bag damage, in order to be able to check and repair. However, in addition to these damages, there are some causes that can grow filter bag damage, see the table can refer to this table for viewing and repair.

The aging of the dust bag of the bag filter: there are many reasons (as described below), and the elimination method is taken after finding out the reason and changing the bag.

A. Aging due to high temperature;

b, due to touch reaction with acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor aging;

c, and water attack response aging;

d. The use time of the filter bag reaches its life time.

Device of dust collector filter bag: Improper device of filter bag will present the following phenomenon:

a, exhaust cylinder smoke outward;

B. The resistance of dust collector decreases or increases;

C. The dust removal filter bag is damaged or the growing filter bag is damaged;

d. Dust leakage from the filter bag device;

e. The dust filter bag falls down;

f. The air absorption effect of the dust absorption cover of the dust removal system becomes worse;

g. The ash removal effect becomes worse;

h. The dust filter bag falls off.

Because the bag filter dust removal method and filter bag device method is different, the tension applied to the dust removal filter bag is also different. Need to know the mechanism vibration dust cleaning method bag filter, so that the dust bag adhere to the appropriate relaxation, can be more effective ash.

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