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The reason for the boiler dust filter bag burning

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During the whole ignition process, a lot of re-ignitable charcoal dust particles will be produced and settled in the bag filter. Excessive charcoal powder heat accumulation can easily cause a fire. Therefore, igniting the cloth bag will also cause sparks to enter. The bag-type dust collector caused burning and the burning area was elevated, causing the dust in the high-temperature filter bag inside the dust removal equipment to be captured and the filter bag was damaged by the fire accident.

          The dust collector bag of the heating furnace was burnt.

          1. The smoke content of the heating furnace dust caused by a lot of sparks and dust in the ash removal pipeline and the heating furnace smoke is high, usually about 10% (most sparks are extinguished below 8%). In fact, many heating furnaces do not exceed this main parameter, resulting in too high oxygen and water content, so flammable materials have an aerobic natural environment.

          2. In addition to the airtightness of the system software, and the air compression for bag dust removal, the oxygen content will be higher, so that sparks can be ignited at will in the pipeline.

 3. Sparks can be ignited at will, and the dust in the dust removal equipment is not easy to ignite completely. The characteristic of bamboo charcoal powder is that the flammable raw material exceeds the ignition point at a temperature of 320 degrees. The bamboo charcoal powder accumulated on the surface of the filter bag has the effect of endothermic reaction, making it fill itself with heat, and burn the filter bag to destroy it.

          Measures to avoid burning of dust collector filter bag of heating furnace

          1. Choose a dust filter bag made of fireproof and safe materials;

          2. Use pre-paint technology to carry out dipping and graying of the filter bag to ensure the original thickness of the surface layer of the filter bag;

          3. The use of pre-ash removal technology can prevent sparks from hitting the cloth bag immediately, and also make unburnt particles with a large diameter fall into the silo immediately.

          4. The installation of flame arrestor equipment can prevent sparks from entering the dust removal equipment and damaging the filter bag.

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