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The solution to the condensation of the pulse dust bag filter

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1. Reduce the air leakage phenomenon of the dust collector

(1) During the production and installation of the dust collector, the welding standard of JC/T532 should be strictly implemented to prevent the phenomenon of less welding and missing welding of the dust collector.

(2) The discharge port of the dust collector should adopt an air lock device with good sealing performance. At present, the pneumatic or electric air lock valve is mainly used. When necessary, a double-stage air lock device can be used.

The air leakage rate of a pulse bag filter should be controlled within the range of ≤3%.

2. Strictly control the water spray volume of the humidification tower

When a humidification tower is used as the cooling device at the end of the cement dry normal kiln, it is not possible to unilaterally pursue the cooling effect and increase the water spraying amount. The water spraying amount of the humidification tower must be strictly controlled while ensuring the inlet temperature of the dust collector. The humidification tower adopts high-quality spray guns as much as possible to make the sprayed water fine and uniform, and achieve the best cooling and tempering effect with the least amount of water.

3. Stable flue gas temperature within a small range

When the temperature of the flue gas to be treated is too high, cooling measures such as lowering the operating temperature and releasing cold air must be taken immediately; when the temperature of the flue gas is low, heating measures such as increasing the operating temperature must be taken immediately. The flue gas temperature can be stabilized within the specified range to ensure the normal and stable operation of the dust collector and reduce condensation.

4. Reduce the temperature difference between the pulse injection gas and the flue gas inside the dust collector and dehumidification treatment

At present, the commonly used gas supply routes for compressed gas in China are mainly: compressed air-air storage tank-air source triplet-air bag-pulse valve. This gas supply method has the advantages of less investment and simple equipment, but when the outside air temperature is too low, the compressed gas treatment is insufficient and condensation is easy.

When the outside air temperature is too low and the air compressor station is far away, the air supply route can be: compressed air - air storage tank - air source triplet - air dryer - air heater - air bag (air Package laying insulation material) - pulse valve. This air supply method dehumidifies fully and thoroughly, and the temperature difference between the pulse jet gas and the flue gas inside the dust collector is small, and condensation is not easy to occur.

When the air compressor station is not far away and the air filter in the air source triplet can meet the needs of dehumidification, just pay attention to the air filter close to the air bag, so the air dryer can be omitted. When the temperature is too low, heat preservation measures must be taken for the gas pipeline, air bag and pulse valve to prevent condensation of compressed air and condensation of dust collector.

5. Strengthen the thermal insulation measures of the dust collector

The shell of the dust collector must take thermal insulation measures. The thermal insulation of the dust collector is generally made of rock wool, aluminum silicate board, pearl expanded rock and other thermal insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, low water absorption rate and good heat resistance performance.

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