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What are the advantages of PPS air dust filter bags

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1. PPS filter bag can significantly reduce the pressure of the system, thereby improving the overall performance of the system and the life of the filter bag itself.

2. Compared with the traditional filter bag, the structure of the PPS filter bag improves the efficiency of pulse dust removal, increases the usable area of the dust removal filter bag, reduces the rising speed of the airflow between the dust removal filter bags, and optimizes the online dust removal effect.

3. The PPS cloth bag can directly replace the filter bag of the existing bag filter, and the main structure of the dust removal equipment does not need to be modified. After replacement, the filter area can be increased by 1.5-1.8 times.

4. The dust removal frame has no lateral support ring, and the contact area is large, which avoids the direct impact on the dust removal filter bag. It is also possible to reduce the number of cleanings or extend the cleaning interval.

5. The design of PPS filter bag and dust removal frame reduces fatigue damage and intermittent discharge caused by pulse jet. The filter area can be increased, the pleated bag length can be shortened, and the system operation can be optimized as required.

6. Reduce the amount of compressed air and the load of the air compressor and pulse valve. The fan load is reduced, and the system energy consumption is significantly reduced.

7. System maintenance costs are significantly reduced, including energy consumption, auxiliary equipment, parts and labor. Any existing filter bag material suitable for this system can be used.

8. Traditional cloth bags are approved as emergency spare parts for PPS filter bag, but corresponding dust removal frames should be used.

The original old bag filter of many units cannot meet the new environmental protection requirements, so they need to be transformed to reduce the wind speed and increase the filter area of the filter, so that the filter can meet the emission standards.

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