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What are the applications of aramid filter bags?

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Aramid dust filter bags are widely welcomed because of its excellent heat resistance, stability, and relatively low price. What is the working principle of aramid filter bags? In which industries can aramid filter bags be used?


What are the characteristics of aramid filter bags?

What is the working principle of aramid filter bags?

In which industries can aramid filter bags be used?


What are the characteristics of aramid filter bags?

Aramid filter bags have excellent heat resistance, flame retardancy, and high temperature dimensional stability. Particularly eye-catching is the excellent mechanical properties of aramid filter bags, similar in strength to polyester, abrasion resistance, good bending resistance and excellent textile processing characteristics, and can be needle punched into spun non-woven fabrics. The dust-proof bag made of aramid fiber 1313 has a strong retention rate at different temperatures and at different times, including the strength retention rate as high as 60% under the condition of a dry heat temperature of 250°C for 1000 hours. Aramid fiber 1313 has an irreplaceable position as a functional fiber in the high-temperature dust removal industry, but it has certain defects due to the characteristics of its molecular structure. Such as poor resistance to strong acid, poor hydrolysis at high temperature,

Aramid filter bags 

What is the working principle of aramid filter bags?

1. Dry fabric filters (usually called dust chamber filters) are used to remove dust in the air by capturing air-borne dust suspended in the air. Vacuum suction or pressure is used to direct air into a series of pipes that extend horizontally and vertically from single or multiple plant processes and pick-up points in hazardous dust removal areas. The dust-laden air is drawn into the main air collector trunk, which terminates at the air inlet of the filter of the aramid filter bag.

2. The aramid filter bag itself is a large house sometimes designed with multiple compartments. The vacuum cleaner is designed to collect dust to filter out the air from dust-filled particles (dirty air), thereby turning dirty air into clean air. There are almost no particles. After the air is purified, the air is discharged back into the atmosphere from the purified air side of the collector. Dirty solid particles are captured on the surface of the filter dust bag, and the filtered gas passes through the filter bag media. This bag-like medium is called "filter medium" and will be discussed later.

3. The aramid filter bag can automatically remove the filtered particles from the filter medium according to the need for regular cleaning of the filter bag medium. This is known as the permeability of the regeneration filter bag media, which removes enough compacted dust cake to allow air to flow through the entire filter again with a lower (<6" WG static loss) restriction (static loss) Media. The system relies on a fan or blower to apply pressure (push) or vacuum (suction) the air in the filter bag media. This means the dirty side and clean side of the filter bag media. The dirty side intercepts, filters and compacts the dirty airflow , And the clean side is in contact with clean air when passing through the medium.


In which industries can aramid filter bags be used?

Aramid filter bags are widely used in steelmaking plants in the steel industry, cement plant vertical kilns in the cement industry, dry rotary kilns in the asphalt industry and calcium carbide plants in the thermal power industry. For the condensation of waterproof paper, please consider waterproof and oil-proof treatment. It is also widely used in non-ferrous metals, lime, powder metallurgy, drying, ore stone, gypsum, plastics, carbon black, coke, tobacco, welding dust, office cleaning belts, cleaning equipment, ironing blankets, conveyor blankets, etc.


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