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What are the main advantages of PPS dust filter bag ?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-03      Origin: Site


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PPS dust filter bag, also known as polyphenylene sulfide fiber bag, is a new type of high temperature resistant fiber introduced to the market by an American company in 1983. The physical properties of PPS dust filter bag are significantly better than the original high temperature and acid and alkali resistant products in the market. PPS dust filter bags have full retention of strength and inherent chemical resistance, which can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environments and achieve ideal service life.

PPS dust bag is a high-efficiency and high-temperature resistant filter material with excellent physical properties.

1. The working temperature of PPS dust bag is 190℃, the short-term working temperature is 200℃, the melting point is 285℃, and the oxygen index is 34~35.

2. The PPS dust removal bag can be applied to occasions where the oxygen content is 10% or less.

3. The oxides containing sulfur in the fuel or in the flue gas have been proved to be fibers with strong resistance to acid and alkali corrosion and strong chemical resistance.

4. The PPS dust filter bag contains moisture in the flue.

5. When the temperature of the PPS dust filter bag is 190℃~200℃ in industrial and mining conditions, when the air-to-cloth ratio is as high as 5:1 for online cleaning and 6:1 for offline cleaning, the PPS filter bag has an excellent performance record. .

PPS dust filter bag is widely used in steel, cement, chemical industry, power plant, road construction, metallurgy, grain processing, etc.

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