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What is the aramid filter bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-01      Origin: Site


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Describtion of Aramid Filter Bags 

Aramid filter bag is an ideal filter material widely used in the flue gas dust removal of steel, cement, electric power, chemical and other industries. However, the existing aramid filter bags are a single cylindrical filter bag, and the dust is in the filter bag. The shortcomings of the long filter path, small filter area, and large floor area, and it is extremely inconvenient to clean the internal dust.

Feature of Aramid Filter Bags 

Aramid filter bag has good temperature resistance, flame retardancy and chemical properties. It can work continuously at a temperature of 204°C: abrasion resistance, folding resistance, acid resistance, and can withstand repeated transient temperature fluctuations of 250°C. When baked at a temperature of ℃ for 24 hours, the heat shrinkage rate is only 0.9%. The limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 30. Only when the temperature reaches 400℃ will there be signs of decomposition and carbonization. If it is impregnated with PTFE, it will have extremely high acid and alkali resistance, and most hydrocarbons will not treat it. Causes the impact, even if there is a small amount of fluoride, there will be no obvious corrosion. When the smoke and dust in the gas contains large moisture or oiliness, hygroscopicity and deliquescent, and the dew point temperature is less than 70℃, the aramid dust filter bag can be water-proof and oil-proof, and PTFE film treatment can be used to deal with the possibility of dew condensation or required discharge Working environment with higher concentration.

Application of aramid filter bags 

  1. Cement Mill 

  2. Steel 

  3. Chemical 

  4. Mining

  5. Asphalt Mixing plant 

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