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What is the material of aramid filter cloth?

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What are the raw materials of aramid filter cloth? What are the characteristics of dust bags made of aramid filter cloth? How to use aramid filter bag safely?


What are the raw materials of aramid filter cloth?

What are the characteristics of aramid filter bag?

How to extend the service life of aramid filter bag?


What are the raw materials of aramid filter cloth?

The aramid fiber/meta-aramid fiber used in the production of needle-punched felt filter cloth is also called aramid fiber 1313 in China. They are needle-punched into felts and subjected to good sound treatment, such as singing and calendering. Heat setting, waterproof and oil proof, PTFE membrane lamination, etc., to make filter cloth. It has high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, low emission, suitable for air purification of viscous/high moisture dust, easy to purge, low thermal shrinkage, etc. Aramid dust bag material is a durable and economical high-temperature dust-collecting cloth. It has high temperature resistance, breaking strength, elongation, bending resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance and fiber fineness. Good performance. Cloth has a long service life during production, so it is widely used in asphalt mixing plants, cement plants, power plants, steel plants, etc. Under normal working conditions, the service life of the aramid dust bag is usually about 2 years. Aramid filter bags are mainly operated in the bag dust removal room, the temperature is between 130~220 degrees Celsius, and the applicable PH value is between 5~9. They are widely used in the steel industry, carbon black industry, and building materials industry (cement plants, asphalt plants) ) Mixing station, etc.) and power industry, etc.

Aramid filter cloth

 What are the characteristics of aramid filter bag?

1. The aramid filter bag can continuously work at a temperature of up to 200°C, and the instant use temperature is up to 240°C

2. Excellent flame retardancy

3. Good corrosion resistance and alkali resistance

4. Aramid filter cloth has excellent thermal stability, excellent wear resistance and bending resistance

5. Poor hydrolysis resistance, frequent occurrence of SOx and steam in flue gas or dew point will greatly reduce its service life.

6. Higher, stronger tensile strength and abrasion resistance make the filter bag long service life.


How to extend the service life of aramid filter bag?

1. Reduce the smoke temperature, prevent air leakage, and adjust the distribution of hot and cold airflow.

2. Check the air preheater and economizer to improve the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the flue gas temperature to below 150°C.

3. Prevent the stove, air preheater and flue, dust collector from leaking air, reduce the oxygen content in dust collector dust (less than 8%). C. The dust collector should be fully insulated to prevent acid corrosion caused by condensation.

4. Adjust the distribution of cold air and hot air.

5. Control the injection pressure and extend the injection interval. The lower production resistance of the new production equipment can appropriately reduce the injection pressure, pulse width and extend the blowing interval, which is very beneficial to prolong the service life of the filter bag. When the operation is about 1a, the resistance of the filter bag will gradually stabilize, and the injection pressure can be adjusted appropriately and the injection interval can be shortened as needed.

6. Before starting, spray the filter bag first. Check whether there is enough ash in the ash storage tank, start the induced draft fan, and pre-spray it into the filter bag of the boiler dust collector until the surface of the bag contains a layer of dust with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm (about 3 hours or more) , And the boiler can be ignited. In order to protect the filter bag, check the pre-spraying condition of the filter bag and check the pre-spraying effect before each boiler ignition. The ignition oil gun fully atomizes and burns completely, preventing a large amount of unburned oil droplets from entering the furnace and forming a paste bag.

7. During normal operation, the pressure difference of the aramid filter bag is greater than 1500Pa (electricity + bag 1200Pa), and the cleaning stops at 800 and 900Pa. A typical new differential pressure bag is 1.0 kPa and 2.5 kPa at the end of its service life.


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