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What kind of dust filter bag should be used for asphalt mixing plant?

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The professional dust filter bag for asphalt mixing station needs to have the following characteristics:

1. Excellent temperature resistance: It can be operated continuously at a temperature of 204°C (instantaneous temperature of 240°C), and can withstand repeated 240°C instantaneous shaking temperatures. 

2. Excellent dimensional stability: as long as the thermal shrinkage rate is less than 1% at a temperature of 204 °C, it has excellent high temperature stability.

3. Outstanding fire resistance: it is initially decomposed and carbonized at 400 ℃, the limiting oxygen index (LOI) is 30, and it does not spontaneously ignite nor support combustion.

4. Excellent chemical resistance: low concentrations of acid and alkali and most hydrocarbons will not affect it, and even a small amount of fluoride will not corrode significantly;

According to the working conditions of the dust collector in the concrete mixing building, the commonly used filter materials in the asphalt mixing station summarized by Aokai Environmental Protection are: aramid fiber, Knees, aramid fiber composite filter material, etc.

Asphalt mixing equipment uses heavy oil, coal or other impurity oil as fuel, it is necessary to adopt different methods of post-treatment for aramid and other needle-punched felt filter materials to adapt to different use requirements. In particular, if high-sulfur heavy oil or impurity oil is used as fuel for asphalt mixing, or its material has a high water content, the incinerated dust of asphalt mixing equipment will be sticky, and the flue gas will be highly acidic. Therefore, the use of acid-proof, oil-proof and waterproof aramid needled felt and other filter materials can greatly improve the wear resistance, high resistance, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability of the needled felt filter material. Improve the cleaning performance and dust removal efficiency of the filter bag and the service life of the cloth bag. Therefore (polyaramid) and aramid high temperature resistant needled felt filter material are ideal filter materials for asphalt concrete equipment dust collectors, and long-term use can maintain high strength and high wear resistance.

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