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  • Leak Detection Operation of Phosphor Powder for Dust Collection Bag in Asphalt Mixing Plant
    Asphalt mixer dust bag fluorescent powder leak detection is generally carried out after the filter bag is newly installed, or when the smoke and dust discharge exceeds the standard, to detect whether there are leaks and ensure that the discharge meets the standard. If the inspected dust collector is
  • Asphalt mixing plant Aramid Dust Filter Bags
    Asphalt mixing plant Metas dust bag is mostly used in various high temperature flue gas filtering occasions. It has excellent performance. It is a kind of high temperature resistant dust collector filter bag variety, especially suitable for the flue gas dust removal of asphalt mixing plant. Generall
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant Filter Bags
    Asphalt Mixing Plant Filter Bags Material : Aramid Gram Weight : 400gsm , 450gsm Size : 220*2500,

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