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7 Steps to the Correct Selection of Dust Collector Filter Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-20      Origin: Site


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7 steps to choose a dust collector suitable for your working conditions:

The first step: master the dust removal conditions and determine the physical and chemical properties of the smoke and dust

First of all, it is necessary to understand the composition of the dust-containing gas, as well as the temperature, whether it is corrosive, whether it is flammable and explosive, etc.; look at the particle size, dispersion, abrasiveness and viscosity of the dust.

It is also necessary to contact the bag filter manufacturer to learn the relevant basic information such as the air volume, air pressure, service life, and installation requirements of the filter. Finally, pay attention to whether the filtered flue gas concentration of this bag filter unit can reach relevant standards.

Step 2: Determine the cleaning method and select the model of the dust collector

We all know that the bag filter can be divided into four categories: mechanical vibration, pulse injection, reverse blowing and composite cleaning according to the cleaning method. At present, the majority of bag filter using pulse injection, coupled with the popularization of high temperature filter material, all kinds of pulse bag filter suitable for furnaces and kilns are satisfactory, so they have attracted much attention.

But it is not necessary for you to choose a certain type of dust removal equipment, here is just a reference. If it is used for dust removal in power station boilers, an electric bag compound dust collector may be used. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose according to the working conditions, refer to the engineer's suggestion, and choose the best one.

The third step: the choice of filter material is related to the life of the filter bag

One of the factors of dust removal efficiency is that it has a lot to do with the filter material of the filter bag of the dust collector. When selecting, the physical and chemical properties of the dust-containing gas and the cleaning method of the selected equipment should be considered as much as possible. Fortunately, the variety of filter materials is now There are many kinds of needle-punched felt, lamination and glass fiber, etc.

Correct selection will bring convenience to future maintenance.

Step 4: Determine the filtered wind speed based on experience

When determining the filtration wind speed of the dust collector, factors such as the characteristics of dust, the type of filter material, and the method of cleaning dust should be considered. Stone dust will be unfavorable, and for gas with high temperature and high humidity, the wind speed of dust removal and filtration should not be too large.

Like some filter materials with slightly larger resistance, the filtration wind speed can be appropriately larger, which also needs to be determined according to the type of filter material.

Step 5: Calculate the filter area of the dust collector

Generally speaking, when calculating the filter area of the dust collector, it is necessary to know the air volume processed and the air speed of the filter, which must be calculated by engineers with many years of dust removal experience.

Step 6: The cleaning cycle is determined according to the actual situation

Due to the influence of various factors such as the dust removal method of the dust collector, the characteristics of smoke and dust, the variety of filter materials, the filtering wind speed and pressure loss, the relevant personnel need to make fine adjustments in the dust removal and dust removal cycle. The key is to grasp the injection cycle and pulse interval. .

Step 7: Determine the model of dust removal equipment that needs to be customized

After completing the first six steps, it is basically possible to determine what specifications of dust collectors need to be installed. Here is a reminder: "If the filter air flow needs to be cut off when the filter bag is cleaned, this generally refers to the offline pulse bag filter, then the net filter wind speed needs to be calculated."

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