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dust collector filter bags

These are related to the dust collector filter bags news, in which you can learn about the updated information in dust collector filter bags, to help you better understand and expand dust collector filter bags market. Because the market for dust collector filter bags is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Analysis of the causes of filter bags damage

    1. Causes and phenomena of high temperature damage to the dust filter bag.Open flame sparks. Reason: There is sparks in the smoke, causing small holes to burn. Phenomenon: There are small holes on the dust bag.High temperature flue gas. Reason: The temperature of the working condition of the cloth b

  • How to choose the right filter bags

    1. According to the requirements of the working conditions, choose a dust filter bag with a cost-effective price⑴ Gas temperature. If the temperature is lower than 130℃, you need to choose the normal temperature dust filter bag, and the temperature is between 150℃-260℃, and the high temperature dust

  • What is the capacity of dust filter bags

    The dust holding capacity of the dust collection bag is also called the dust load capacity, which refers to the amount of dust accumulated on the unit area of the filter material when a given resistance value is reached. The dust holding capacity of the dust bag affects the resistance of the filter

  • Choice the Right Dust Filter Bags

    1. Flue gas temperature: the dust bag is the core component of the bag filter. Whether the selected filter material can adapt to the flue gas temperature is very important. If the normal use temperature of the filter material exceeds the temperature of the flue gas too much, the high cost of the hig

  • Pre-coating Operation for Dust Filter Bags

    (1)The pre-coating shall be completed before the boiler is fired.(2)The dust collector operator open the inlet and outlet lifting valves of room #1.Close other inlet and outlet lifting valves. Close the feeding machine insert board, do not pour oil, operate the powder system and powder feeding machi

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