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Advantages of Fiberglass Dust Collector Bags

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-21      Origin: Site


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Several advantages of fiberglass needle-punched felt dust collector filter bag:

The outstanding advantages of the fiberglass needle-punched felt filter bag are good dimensional stability and high tensile breaking strength. In terms of chemical resistance, glass fiber is stable to other media except for hydrofluoric acid and high temperature and strong alkali. The disadvantage of glass fiber is poor folding resistance.

(1) Temperature resistance of glass fiber needle-punched felt dust collector filter bag

As a filter material, glass fiber can be used for a long time under the working conditions of 260°C (medium alkali)/280°C (no alkali), and the instantaneous high temperature can reach 350°C. The temperature control of the filtered gas is of great significance in the design of the dust collection equipment, and the performance of the filter material plays a decisive role in the cost and operating expenses of the dust collection equipment. High temperature filtration of flue gas will give you the following benefits. The cooling cost of the dust removal device is omitted, thereby reducing the cost of the dust removal equipment; the mixing amount of cold air is reduced, so that the total amount of treated air volume is effectively controlled. This is self-evident to reduce the cost of dust removal equipment. Reduced risk of condensation. The temperature limit of 260°C is more than enough to eliminate condensation failures in all current industrial fields, which prevents corrosion of dust removal equipment and prolongs its service life. At the same time, it also prevents the blockage caused by condensation on the surface of the filter cloth, so that the filtration can be carried out smoothly. For example, blast furnace gas purification in the iron and steel industry, gas cooling not only wastes energy, but also reduces the combustion calorific value of the gas.

(2) The glass fiber needle-punched felt filter bag has good dimensional stability

The glass fiber needle felt filter bag has a shrinkage rate of 0 at 280 ° C, which is much more dimensionally stable than other synthetic fiber filter materials. When using glass fiber filter media, there is no need to worry about the changes in air permeability and filter area, as well as the effects of shrinking and increasing the cloth surface tension and filter bag elongation, causing the filter bag to wrinkle and accelerate the damage of the filter bag.

(3) The glass fiber needle-punched felt filter bag has high tensile breaking strength. High tensile breaking strength and small tensile breaking elongation are another feature of glass fiber filter materials. Therefore, in the design of filter bags for dust removal, the requirements for tensile breaking strength of filter bags can basically be ignored.

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