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A list of these fiberglass filter bags articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional fiberglass filter bags, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Characteristics of glass fiber needled felt filter bags
    Glass fiber needled felt filter bags not only has the advantages of glass fiber fabric high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, size stability, elongation shrinkage is very small, high strength, and felt fiber is a single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity, small
  • Advantages of Fiberglass Dust Collector Bags
    Several advantages of fiberglass needle-punched felt dust collector bag:The outstanding advantages of the fiberglass needle-punched felt filter bag are good dimensional stability and high tensile breaking strength. In terms of chemical resistance, glass fiber is stable to other media except for hydr
  • Fiberglass mixed filter bags in Blast furnace gas
    Blast furnace gas has a large dust content and is a secondary energy source. The exclusive filter bag of Okay Steel Plant can realize more economical and rational utilization of blast furnace gas, and reduce environmental pollution and energy waste.
  • Introduction of Fiberglass mixed Filter Bags
    1. The high temperature resistant Fumex filter bag maintains the high compressive strength of the glass fiber cloth according to the composite material. High temperature resistance. Excellent dimensional stability; give full play to chemical fiber performance. Good flexural resistance, the material
  • Factors Affecting Life of Fiberglass Dust Filter Bags
    What is the reason for the impact of the life of the Fumex dust filter bag?temperature indicator.Temperature is one of the important indicators for the use of filter media, and the temperature directly determines the life of the filter media. The filter material is divided into normal temperature fi
  • Alkali-free glassfiber woven filter bag
    Our 750g Woven Fiberglass membrane filter bag is made of high-quality alkali-free glass as the raw material. After drawing-spinning-warping-weft-texturing-weaving, it is woven into a high-quality filter cloth with sufficient mechanical strength. Pretreatment process and heat setting processing, exce
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