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Characteristics of glass fiber needled felt filter bags

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Glass fiber needled felt filter bags not only has the advantages of glass fiber fabric high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, size stability, elongation shrinkage is very small, high strength, and felt fiber is a single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity, small resistance to gas filtration, is a relatively high speed, efficient high temperature filtration material. Compared with other high temperature resistant chemical fiber felt, it has low price, higher temperature resistance and other special advantages, but its running resistance is higher than the general chemical fiber high temperature filter material.

1, Good heat break: according to the physical principle, the heat conductivity of the gas is small, and there are many air holes inside the excellent heat break material. The glass fiber needled cotton has countless small gases, and the fibers show irregular arrangement. It is an excellent heat insulation material, and the heat conduction coefficient is 0.2 ~ 0.040kcal/mhr. C;

2, Not burning: the main component of the glass fiber is silicide (more than 50%), with non-combustible, no deformation, no embrittling, high temperature resistance up to 700℃;

3, Sound absorption rate is good: when sound waves invade glass fiber cotton, its energy will be due to friction with fiber and different sizes of air pockets, and is a large number of inhalation. Generally speaking, the sound absorption rate is as high as 90%, is to prevent noise interference;

4, High insulation: glass fiber high temperature resistance, good mechanical property, and high chemical stability, is the best insulation material;

5, High corrosion resistance: glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid, strong alkali, long time will not reduce its functional characteristics;

6, Good recovery: glass fiber contains numerous fixed air pockets, excellent recovery. Not afraid of any shock, tensile strength is above 1.0kg.

7, Low moisture absorption rate: moisture absorption rate is usually close to zero.

8, Light weight and soft: compared with other heat insulation materials, the quality of glass fiber needle felt is the lightest and the most flexible, if installed in machinery, can reduce the weight and vibration load.

9, Easy construction: size can be cut according to customers

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