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Introduction of Fiberglass mixed Filter Bags

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1. The high temperature resistant fiberglass filter bag maintains the high compressive strength of the glass fiber cloth according to the composite material. High temperature resistance. Excellent dimensional stability; give full play to chemical fiber performance. Good flexural resistance, the material properties of Fumex dust filter bags are significantly improved. Affordable. The surface of the filter material is beautiful, flat, smooth, and soft to the touch, and it is rigid.

2. Through compounding, the chemical treatment function can be fully exerted to realize the combination of organic materials and inorganic materials, and a layer of organic film is compounded on the surface of the veil and base cloth of the high temperature resistant fiberglass filter bag; it also gives full play to the physical post-production processing technology effect. The high temperature resistant fiberglass filter bag obtains the perfect surface state and achieves the practical effect of multi-function.

3. The performance of high temperature resistant fiberglass filter bag. The folding resistance is doubled, the filtering wind speed is increased, and the service life is long. Heat resistance, toughness, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance fiberglass filter bag has the functions of easy cleaning, water repellency, oil resistance, antistatic and other functions through different surface chemical treatment and post-finishing technology. High temperature resistant fiberglass filter bag has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, folding resistance and so on. Different surface chemistry and finishing techniques of high temperature resistant fiberglass filter bags are properly treated. Compared with glass fiber cloth filter media, the performance, flexural resistance and tensile strength of fiberglass filter bags are significantly enhanced to withstand high filtration loads. The filtration speed of the fiberglass filter bag can reach more than 1.5 m/min, and the running friction resistance of the fiberglass filter bag is low.

4. The glass fiber filter bag can choose the appropriate mixed filter material according to the customer's working temperature, which greatly improves the cost performance of the product.

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