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Fiberglass mixed filter bags in Blast furnace gas

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Blast furnace gas has a large dust content and is a secondary energy source. The exclusive filter bag of Aokai Steel Plant can realize more economical and rational utilization of blast furnace gas, and reduce environmental pollution and energy waste.

(1) Strength improvement 

The tensile strength in the warp and weft directions of the exclusive filter bag of Aokai Iron and Steel Plant can reach 2000 Newtons, which is about twice as high as that of chemical fiber filters, and the elongation at break is between 3 and 10%. Deformation can greatly improve the cleaning effect, reduce the resistance and prolong the service life in the blast furnace gas long-bag reverse blowing dust collector.

(3) Life expectancy improvement

Aokai Fiberglass mixed filter bags imported wear-resistant material, its wear resistance is 3-5 times higher than that of conventional glass fiber material, which effectively improves the service life of the filter bag and reduces the cost of use.

(4) Energy saving and consumption reduction

The easy-to-process chemical fiber filter material is preferred to make the surface of the filter felt more flat and dense, the surface is smooth and smooth, easy to clean the dust, and has low running resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

 (5) Adapt to high wind speed

Aokai Fiberglass mixed filter bag has high mechanical strength, good wear resistance and folding resistance, and can be used normally under the filtering wind speed greater than 1m/min.

(6) Adapt to harsh working conditions

Aokai fiberglass mixed filter bag is suitable for occasions with poor dust characteristics and high temperature.


 Fiberglass  Mixed

Continuous working temperature(℃)


Short  working temperature(℃)


Gram weight (g/m2)


Thickness (mm)


Air Permeability (m3/m2·min)@200pa


  Break Strength

(N/5× 20cm) 





Elongation ()





After treatment

Sintering, high temperature setting, fluorinated resin microporous membrane, PTFE high temperature sintering treatment, fluorocarbon treatment, etc.

 Dust point

 Blast furnace gas, sintering head, tail, pellets, coke oven, etc.

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