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Factors Affecting Life of Fiberglass Dust Filter Bags

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What is the reason for the impact of the life of the Fiberglass dust filter bag?

Temperature indicator.

Temperature is one of the important indicators for the use of filter media, and the temperature directly determines the life of the filter media. The filter material is divided into normal temperature filter material, medium temperature filter material and high temperature filter material according to the temperature it can withstand. Filter media can only extend their life at operating temperatures. If the temperature is too high, the filter material with weak flame retardancy is easy to burn, which will cause baking bags and fires, but if the temperature is too low, condensation and corrosion of the vacuum cleaner will occur. Therefore, when filter materials are used, the temperature is usually increased by 10°C-20°C at the dew point temperature. Usually, the service temperature provided by the customer will be displayed on the meter after being tested by the sensor, which cannot really reflect the actual temperature of the dust. Generally speaking, when recommending filter media to customers, please increase the temperature parameters provided to customers by 5℃-10℃ to ensure the life of the filter media.

Acid gas

In industrial dust removal, due to the delayed combustion of coal, the flue gas contains not only dust, but also acid gases, mainly SO2. The flue gas contains water vapor, which produces strong acid, which is corrosive and penetrates fibers. The higher the working temperature, the faster the chemical corrosion rate. Therefore, the content of SO2 is one of the indispensable factors in the analysis of working conditions.

Alkaline etching

Regarding the dust analysis, the flue gas contains a lot of alkaline substances such as CaO and MgO, which belong to deliquescence dust. The small diameter is fine dust. It is easy to enter the fiber under the action of wind speed. Staying inside the fiber, plugging the filter holes, and blocking water vapor in the flue gas.

Oxygen content

It is not surprising that the flue gas contains oxygen, but some filter materials must consider the oxygen content and temperature. When there is oxygen in the filter material at the extreme temperature, oxygen will gradually oxidize the filter bag, making the filter bag blue and brittle, which directly reduces the life of the filter material itself. Therefore, the oxygen content is an indicator that cannot be ignored when customizing different filter materials. . The higher the oxygen content, the higher the water vapor content.

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