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Advantages of PTFE air dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-11-08      Origin: Site


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I. Advantages of ptfe filter bag

1. Good dust removal effect

The dust removal effect of using ptfe filter bag is very good. It is mainly used by combining the film and needle felt through the process of thermal film coating, so its surface will appear very smooth, and the filter rate effect is also very good. of.

2. Wide use environment

Because this kind of Ptfe material filter bag has strong high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, it is very good for some high concentration, fine dust removal effect.

3. Good air permeability

The ptfe filter bag made of high-temperature resistant material can directly penetrate gas, with a penetration rate of 3~7 cubic meters, which far exceeds the actual use requirements.

II . Problems in the installation process of ptfe filter bag

Because when installing ptfe filter bag, there are usually some problems, which will damage the filter bag and reduce the service life of the filter bag. At this time, we need to install according to the normal mode. If there is any inconsistency in the quality of the installation If required, it must be tested in accordance with the prescribed standards, so that the normal use of the filter bag can be guaranteed. At the same time, since many filter bags are made of inconsistent materials, when purchasing filter bags, raw materials from the same manufacturer should be used as much as possible.

III , how to extend the service life of ptfe filter bag

In fact, it is quite simple to extend the service life of the filter bag, only need to operate according to the corresponding standard. Because the dust bag has a strong exercise ability, its change rate can reach less than 10%, so when the filter bag is used, the filter wind speed and pressure should be considered as much as possible to keep it at the initial stage. Design level. If the above conditions are met, the service life of the filter bag can be extended by 1 to 1.5 years.

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