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Advantages of PTFE membrane dust filter bag

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The general deep filtration material is transformed into surface filtration through the film, and the dust is trapped on the surface of the filter material and cannot enter the inside of the filter material, so that the general filter material has a qualitative leap. The main advantages of the PTFE membrane dust filter bag are:

1. It has extremely high filtering power. The membrane filter bag can retain micron-level ultra-fine dust, especially PM2. 5 particles that are harmful to the human body. The power is kept at a high level, and almost zero emissions are achieved. At the same time, it can also be used for the recovery of ultra-fine particle products, reducing product consumption, achieving energy conservation, emission reduction, and qualified emissions.

2. The running resistance is stable and easy to clean. Although the resistance of the film-coated filter material is higher than that of the ordinary filter material at the beginning of use, the resistance will not be added urgently with the time extension, and the cleaning effect is good, the cleaning cycle is long, and the cleaning pressure is low. The friction force and friction coefficient between dust and filter material are reduced.

3. High air flux and long service life. Because the surface of the film-coated filter material is lubricated and water-repellent, the dust is completely cleaned, and a high ventilation rate is always maintained, which better handles the contradiction between filtration and cleaning, and then improves the service life of the filter bag.

PTFE membrane dust filter bag application occasions

In the case of high-concentration smoke and dust filtration, the maximum concentration can reach 1000g/m³. In the case of high-standard discharge and purification requirements, 0.01-1.0um of dust is used to capture dust, and the total dust capture rate is as high as 99.9999%. Moisture, oil mist, viscous fine dust gas Occasionally, the PTFE-coated dust bag is widely used in flue gas dust removal in steel, metallurgy, tempering, cement, building materials and other industries with the characteristics of high dust removal power, easy dust removal, and stable operation.

From this, it can be seen that the PTFE membrane dust filter bag is covered with a layer of PTFE microporous film on the surface of the needle-punched filter felt. (Thickness, porosity) The film is formed by one-time hot-melt lamination by a professional filter material laminating machine.

In addition to the characteristics of the original filter material, it also has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency (the emission concentration can be reduced to less than 10mg/Nm³), hydrophobicity and anti-condensation, etc. However, the filtering air speed is required to be low, the air volume of the dust collector is small, and the air permeability of the dust collector filter bag with PTFE film is generally 2-5m³/㎡·s.

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