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Advantages of ptfe dust filter bag

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1. Good dust removal effect

Using ptfe filter bag, its dust removal effect is very good. The film is mainly combined with the needle felt through the thermal coating process, so the surface will be very smooth and the filtering speed is also very good.

2. Wide application environment

Because this kind of ptfe filter bag has strong high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, it can remove some high concentration and fine dust very well.

3. Good air permeability

The Ptfe filter bag made of high temperature resistant materials can directly penetrate gas, with a penetration rate of 3 to 7 cubic meters, which far exceeds the actual use requirements.

Due to the ptfe filter bag, PTFE has inherent stability, inert polymer chain structure, as well as intermolecular force and chain ordering function, and has strong adaptability to the comprehensive influence of high temperature and chemical action. Its melting point is 327°C, instantaneous temperature resistance can reach 300°C, strong oxidation resistance, non-hydrolysis, and good mechanical properties. Therefore, ptfe filter bags are widely used as filter materials for dust collectors in garbage incinerators. ptfe filter bag products include long fibers, short fibers and short fibers, and different processes include brown and white products. In terms of chemical stability, high (low) temperature resistance, mechanical properties and other comprehensive indicators, PTFE has the incomparable advantages of the high-performance fibers listed above, and has a long service life. The PTFE membrane is coated on the base cloth made of PTFE fiber, and the performance of the filter material is much higher than other filter materials.

Application of PTFE filter material in garbage incineration bag filter

ptfe filter bag due to its unique advantages, PTFE filter materials have been widely used in nuclear energy, aerospace, electronics, chemical, machinery, instrumentation and other industries, and more and more used in the environmental protection industry. PTFE filter bag PTFE is also widely used abroad for dust removal in garbage incinerators, coal-fired boilers in power plants and industrial kilns.

The form of the ptfe filter bag is as follows: a polytetrafluoroethylene film is covered on a base cloth made of high-temperature filter materials (such as P84, PPS, glass fiber, etc.). ); The effect is better when the membrane and base fabric are made of PTFE, and the suture is also made of PTFE. Because the flue gas of the garbage incinerator contains acid gas, high water vapor content, high flue gas temperature, and high concentration of particulate matter, the use of PTFE as a filter bag has obvious advantages.

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