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Air Dust Filter Bags used in different applications

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1. Select dust filter bag for sintering machine and blast furnace

The sintering dust in steel plants is large, especially the sulfur oxides, hydrides, carbon and nitrogen oxides and derivatives of jasmine produced by coking are very toxic. Practice has shown that dry purification in the iron and steel industry can significantly reduce environmental pollution and save energy. Therefore, it is possible to use filter bags for high-temperature dust collectors. However, converters, blast furnaces and sintering have different requirements for high-temperature dust collector filter bags. Therefore, when selecting dust collector filter bags, comprehensive consideration should be given to the actual situation. For example, the sintering flue gas requires a temperature resistance of 150-260 ℃. However, the most commonly used filter bags for high-temperature dust collectors from Fiberglass, while the filter bags for dust collectors for blast furnace and converter gas dust removal require high-temperature dust collector filter bags that can withstand temperatures above 300°C, such as basalt fiber high-temperature dust collector filter bags.

2. Choose dust filter bag for garbage incinerator

Garbage incineration is a high-temperature thermochemical treatment technology. It mainly burns some medical waste. The main harmful substances in the exhaust gas are carcinogenic and teratogenic dioxins and bark. These substances contain chlorine and hydrocarbons. Dioxins formed in the process of burning, especially plastic products such as large amounts of plastic bags and lunch boxes, are prone to produce dioxins during incineration. This kind of flue gas is widely used in PTFE dust filter bag with strong hydrolysis resistance.

3. Selection of dust filter bag for cement dryer

The cement dryer produces a large amount of high-temperature dust-containing gas, which will be discharged with the exhaust gas. The exhaust gas that affects the atmospheric environment in the cement industry includes dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, etc., among which dust will cause Pneumoconiosis, acid gas can affect many plants and animals. At present, cement drying mainly uses coated acrylic bags with better corrosion resistance.

4. Filter bag of high temperature dust collector in thermal power plant

Coal-fired power plants are the main point of air pollution and regional acid deposition control. The main emissions are sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and PM particulate matter. Practice has shown that the application of bag filter in coal-fired power plants is feasible and reliable. PPS high temperature dust collector filter bag or PPS composite dust collector filter bag, because it is a filter material with better comprehensive performance. Such as excellent chemical stability, radiation resistance and good electrical insulation.

5. Selection of dust filter bag for Mining industry

A large amount of dust will be generated during crushing and screening in the mining industry. These dusts are basically at room temperature and are not corrosive. Polyester needle felt dust filter bag can be used.

6. Selection of Boiler dust filter bag

The Flue produced after the boiler burns is highly corrosive, and the temperature ranges from 150 to 300 degrees. It is necessary to use fiberglass dust filter bag and PPS dust filter bag.

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