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  • Advantages of membrane air dust filter bags

    What are the advantages of various dust removal bags in use?The film coating process is based on ordinary filter material, and the surface is covered with a special film that makes the filtration more precise, so that the dust removal efficiency of the dust bag is higher and the service life is long

  • Dust filter bags according to the cleaning method

    The cleaning method of the bag filter is the primary condition for the selection of dust bag varieties. It can firstly determine whether the dust removal filter material is woven cloth, needled felt, compression felt or dust removal cloth bag (glass fiber filter bag). As for the specific specificati

  • How to avoid air dust filter bag damage

    A. The number of vertical ribs of the skeleton should be reasonably matched according to the raw materials of the filter material, and the lubrication should be flat without blemishes, with sufficient strength, straightness up to the industry standard, and good coordination with the filter bag.B. Th

  • Precautions when installing air dust filter bag

    1. When storing the dust bag, it should be kept away from fire sources, moisture-proof, avoid direct sunlight, and prevent heavy objects from being squeezed. Check each filter bag before installation to prevent mechanical damage.2. The installers should dress smartly, their pockets should be emptied

  • How to prolong the service life of air dust filter bags?

    When designing the bag filter, increasing the filtering wind speed will not cause any obvious response from users in a short period of time, but greatly shorten the service life of the filter bag. So, how to prolong the service life of the dust filter bag?1. Select the appropriate filter materialThe

  • Selection of air dust filter bags

    1.2 Select according to filter material characteristics1.2.1 PolyesterPolyester filter materials are usually used in low temperature occasions, and usually do not need to be coated. Only when the emission requirement is less than 30 mg/Nm3, or when the dust is very fine and the humidity is high, the

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