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Applicable working conditions of pre-spray dust air filter bags

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(1) The dusty gas contains liquid viscous substances such as oil fume. This viscous substance will not corrode the filter bag of the bag filter. Due to its high adhesiveness, it mixes with the dust in the gas to form a mud-like substance, which blocks the pores of the filter bag of the bag filter, resulting in an increase in the operating resistance of the filter bag of the bag filter and cleaning. Ash failure, serious and even lead to the failure of the dust collector. At this time, it is necessary to pre-spray the filter bag of the bag filter.

(2) Since the combustion substances contain sulfur and the flue gas contains sulfides, in many combustion conditions, sulfides will be formed in the generated flue gas. In order to desulfurize, slaked lime powder and reaction auxiliary should be sprayed into the gas. With the help of lime powder and reaction aids, the gaseous sulfide generates solid calcium sulfate, and then it can be captured by the filter bag of the bag filter together with the dust particles to achieve the purpose of desulfurization.

The amount of slaked lime powder and additives can be determined according to the sulfide content in the flue gas. This process should be equipped with an automatic measurement device for sulfide content to prevent improper dosage.

(3) Use the alumina powder from the aluminum electrolysis plant as a filter aid to purify the fluoride in the gas. The aluminum electrolysis process will emit a lot of fluorine-containing gas, and the alumina powder is used to adsorb the gaseous fluorine and solid fluoride rich in the aluminum electrolysis cell, and then filter it with a bag filter.

The flue gas and alumina are vigorously mixed in the turbulent flow, and the hydrogen fluoride in the flue gas reacts with the alumina in the surface adsorption reaction to form the surface compound of aluminum fluoride. end. The fluorine-loaded alumina stripped from the reacted flue gas through the filter bag of the bag filter can be directly used in electrolytic production and can replace some fluoride salt materials.

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