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Analysis of the causes of filter bags damage

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1. Causes and phenomena of high temperature damage to the dust filter bag.

Open flame sparks. Reason: There is sparks in the smoke, causing small holes to burn. Phenomenon: There are small holes on the dust filter bag.

High temperature flue gas. Reason: The temperature of the working condition of the filter bag exceeds the tolerance range of the filter bag, and the heat shrinkage of the filter bag is too large and the filter bag is damaged. Phenomenon: Severe shrinkage or severe hardening. Twist the rotten part of the dust filter bag with your hands and break it into powder.

2. Reasons and phenomena of mechanical damage to the dust filter bag.

The upper bag mouth is damaged. Reasons: the compressed air is too high; the blowing pipe is skewed; the flower plate is deformed, etc. It is an installation quality problem. Phenomenon: The mouth is damaged within 30-40 cm (from the bottom to the outside).

The bag body is damaged. Reason: The size of the dust filter bag and the frame do not match, and the surface finish of the dust removal frame. Phenomenon: The contact part of the bag body and the frame is damaged.

The bottom of the bag is damaged. Reason: The bottom of the frame is too small or the bag is too long, and the dust removal operation is too large, causing the inside of the bag bottom to wear; or the dust accumulation is too high to form a vortex wear bag. Phenomenon: The bottom of the bag is worn.

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