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Asphalt mixing dust filter bag installation matters

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When designing the bag filter, factors such as floor space and filter area should be considered, so the filter bags will be designed in a variety of ways. In this issue, we focus on some common filter bag forms, installation methods and precautions for bag filter in asphalt mixing plant.

1.  Round Dust filter bag

The straight round bag is our most common form of filter bag. Its main feature is that the hole of the flower plate is round, and the filter bag is effectively sealed by the expansion ring spring sheet with the strip and the flower plate.

When installing, pay attention to whether the flower plate is completely stuck in the groove of the filter bag, and whether the spring sheet of the filter bag can be rounded by itself.

Sometimes the rust of the flower plate will cause the filter bag to fail to return to the circle when it is installed. At this time, it is necessary to remove the rust from the flower plate, or use a rubber hammer to hit the diagonal corners of the filter bag during installation to fully expand the spring sheet and stick to the flower. The plate forms a seal.

After the filter bag is installed, the inner ring of the bag mouth should be touched by hand to check whether there is any bulge and whether the spring sheet can return to a circle.

2. Flat dust filter  bag

Flat cloth bag is a broad concept, and there are various types in form.

According to the form of the bag head, it can be divided into strip flat cloth bag, felt strip flat cloth bag, double felt strip flat cloth bag. According to the skeleton form, there are single skeleton, double skeleton and three skeleton type filter bags.

Among them, these filter bags can be selected with bag bottom or no bag bottom.

When the flat cloth bag is installed, usually the cloth bag that is restrained should also pay attention to the fit between the groove of the restraint and the flower plate, and pay attention to the fact that the filter bag cannot be squeezed and displaced when the skeleton is installed, and the cloth bag will be dropped. When necessary, you can choose a rubber stick to knock the two narrow corners against each other to fully support them.

For the filter bag of the felt strip, it is necessary to make the felt strip press the flower plate tightly. At the same time, the coordination between the skeleton and the filter bag is required to be high.

After all installations, we recommend to straighten all filter bags from the hopper to prevent the bags from colliding with each other in the box.

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