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Cement dust collector Filter Bags Material

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1. Limestone and auxiliary raw materials are dusted by the crusher, which produces a lot of powder and a large amount of dust. Because the dust contains a large amount of moisture, the amount of dust generated is small, and it works under normal temperature conditions, the dust filter bag of the crusher of the cement plant generally chooses the cost-effective polyester dust filter bag or chooses the polyester waterproof dust filter bags when the moisture content is large. 

2. The raw materials are decomposed into pieces, and after reasonable raw material measurement, they enter the raw material mill to continue powder processing. The humidification tower obtains hot moisture from the preheater and enters the raw material mill to reduce the dust concentration. Use mud vacuum cleaner to remove dust. In some cases, choose normal temperature polyester dust filter bag without adding a humidifier. The dust of the humidification tower must use polyester waterproof dust filter bag.

3. The next step is the high-temperature calcination process of the raw materials, that is, the rotary kiln dust removal of the cement plant, the high temperature and high concentration of the kiln dust of the cement plant, and the aramid dust filter bag that is generally treated with ptfe and alkali resistance. The dust removal temperature at the end of the kiln is the same, accompanied by strong corrosive gases such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Generally, Glass fiber dust filter bag is selected. In addition, the shaft kiln of cement plants has high temperature and high water vapor, so glass fiber woven filter or glass fiber membrane dust filter bag is widely used for dust collection.

4. After the raw materials are fired, they are cooled with a clinker-type cooler to become semi-finished products, and some of them are returned to the rotary kiln and decomposition furnace after dust collection by the coal mill. Coal mill dust is easy to explode, so polyester anti-static filter bag is used. Other sintered semi-finished products are dust-removed by cement mill and eventually become cement products, but the area continues to collect dust, and normal temperature polyester dust filter bags can be selected.

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