Damage analysis of dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-31      Origin: Site


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Local filter bag in the chamber has bag mouth out of position phenomenon resulting in dust discharge. If it is found that there is dust accumulation around the filter bag, the loose seal caused by the felt strip spring piece escaping from the flower plate hole leads to dust leakage, check the coordination between the skeleton and the filter bag, it is found that the bag cage is seriously corroded, and the bag is not tightly matched with the cloth bag, and the bag halter hanging piece is not enough to support the bag mouth and flower plate for sealing. When the negative pressure of the dust collector is high, the bag head will move and cause dust discharge.

The filter bag cage rust is serious, part of the bag cage deformation is serious, and the skeleton burr is many. If the skeleton rust is found serious, rust peeling, burr more and skeleton transverse rib deformation. This situation will lead to the rusty skeleton in the production process with the negative pressure generated by ash suction and the positive pressure generated by ash removal lead to the long-term wear and tear of the filter bag and the skeleton caused by the filter bag damage.

Part of the filter bag cage at the bottom of the hook position dislocation deformation. If hook at the bottom of the skeleton deformation dislocation, causes originally in the center of the skeleton hook dislocation on the skeleton, outside the skeleton is a long-term contact with the filter bag outside supporting the filter bag, if hooked to resist filter bag inside for a long time can cause the filter bag be broken wire hook, deformation or fracture of the frame transverse reinforcement can also cause filter bag appear symmetry broken holes, after the small holes to form, During the production process due to dust airflow erosion will lead to small hole diffusion, and finally large area damage.

Suggestion: Check the filter bag cage when replacing the filter bag each time. Only when the skeleton and the filter bag cooperate well can the ideal use effect be achieved.


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