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Dust Filter Bags in Cement Kiln

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Technical requirements for the use of kiln filter bags in cement plants

1. Working conditions of kiln tail dust removal: the operating temperature is 220°C, the instantaneous temperature can reach 300°C, the exhaust gas dust concentration is about 50-80g/m3, and the filtering wind speed is 0.75m/min.

2. According to the above working conditions, select the filter bag suitable for the working conditions.

Specification: φ165×7000mm (bag cage∮155×6980); Material: Glass fiber dust filter bag (reference); Treatment method: singeing, calendering; temperature 200℃-300℃; air permeability 10-25 m3/m2 /min; warp and weft strength ≥1800N/5×20cm; filter bag density 800g/m2.

3. Requirements for the manufacture of filter bags for dust collectors:

1. High temperature cloth should be added inside the bag head and sewn into convex and concave grooves to prevent the filter bag from falling into the box.

2. A 600mm alkali-free glass fiber lining cloth should be added to the upper part of the bag to prevent the blowing force from increasing, which will affect the fiber layer of the bag wall; add 100mm alkali-free glass fiber lining cloth at the bottom of the bag, and add double layers at the bottom.

3. The filter bag of the precipitator and the place where the flower plate is installed must be well sealed, and any dust that is filtered is not allowed to leak through the sealed joint between the filter bag and the hole of the flower plate.

4. Use 0.4-0.5MPa for pulse valve pressure.

5. The surface of the bag dust filter bag cage  is smooth, and the size of the flower plate of the buyer's dust removal box: the hole diameter is φ165, the plate thickness is 10mm, and the filter bag specification of the dust collector should ensure the normal use requirements.

The cement industry should belong to high temperature dust removal conditions. High temperature resistant dust removal filter bags can be used. Generally, there are the following types:

High temperature dust filter bag

1. P84 filter bag

Gram weight: 500

Thickness: 2.3

Working temperature: ≤260℃

Instantaneous temperature: 280℃

Acid resistance: excellent

Alkali resistance: medium

Suitable for coal-fired boilers, liquid bed boilers, garbage incineration, asphalt plants, cement plants, waste incinerators, etc.

2. Glass Fiber mixed filter bag

Gram weight: 900

Thickness: 2.0

Working temperature: ≤280℃

Instantaneous temperature: 300℃

Acid resistance: good

Alkali resistance: good

Suitable for steel, smelting, ferroalloy, chemical industry, cement, calcium carbide, garbage incineration, electric power, asphalt mixing, etc.

3.Aramid (Nomex ) filter bag 

Gram weight: 550

Thickness: 2.0

Working temperature: ≤204℃

Instantaneous temperature: 250℃

Acid resistance: medium

Alkali resistance: medium

Suitable for industries such as asphalt, cement, steel, non-ferrous metals, lime, dust, metallurgy, plastics, carbon black, coke, tobacco, etc.

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