Dust filter bag protection measures

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-24      Origin: Site


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1. Exhaust the high temperature gas from the dust removal box and introduce the outside air to keep the temperature in balance with the outside. The moisture condensation in the filter bag room is caused by the water vapor in the dusty flue gas and the gas generated by combustion. Therefore, the wet flue gas should be discharged before the bag filter is cooled and replaced with dry air to prevent the filter bag And the damage and corrosion of dust removal equipment.

2. When the production is stopped, the fan should be kept running. Under the condition that no flue gas is discharged from the inlet of the dust removal equipment, continuous offline spraying to clean the dust removal filter bag, so that the filter bag is deformed and shaken off by the airflow. Dust floating on the surface of the filter material. This can ensure that the filter bag will not cause condensation due to the low temperature of the bag, which will cause the dust and water vapor to combine with the paste bag to make the filter bag still normal

3. The pipes before the outlet of the bag filter and the equipment body need to be insulated, and the ash hopper should also be equipped with a heat preservation device, especially in northern areas, where the outdoor temperature is low in winter and the internal temperature of the dust removal equipment is high. Such a temperature difference will cause the equipment to condense Phenomenon, in order to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon, after completely removing the humid smoke in the equipment, the box is sealed to reduce the condensation caused by the temperature difference. The freezing of cooling water will cause major accidents, so the cooling water source should be shut down and drained.

4. When the bag filter is just out of service, close the inlet of the dust collector and open the bypass, and introduce the flue gas generated in the electric furnace into the bypass to the atmosphere. After the boiler runs stably, open the equipment channel and close the bypass. In order to prevent the dust on the surface of the cloth bag from combining with the oil in the flue gas, it is difficult to remove the paste bag.

5. When replacing the filter bags, replace the entire batch of filter bags in the same dust collector. Otherwise, the pressure of each filter bag will be different, and the filter load will be uneven, so that the newly replaced filter bag will bear more due to the reduced resistance. The service life of the new filter bag is shorter than the old one.

6. If only a few filter bags can be replaced due to various reasons, the bag opening of the new filter bag must be closed and buried in the dust pile in the ash hopper for a few days before using it to increase the resistance of the new filter bag replacement. , So that its resistance is similar to that of the old filter bag.


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