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Dust filter bag replacement

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The dust filter bag is gradually worn. The main cause of wear is the grinding force of dust, the deterioration of the filter material caused by high temperature and the corrosion of chemical substances. When the grinding force of dust is strong, the bottom of the bag wears the most serious, and the system capacity The increase in the filtration rate can also accelerate the wear.

The dust collector can not be used for work with a damaged filter bag, otherwise it will accelerate the scrapping of the dust collector. When individual filter bags are damaged in a small area, you can use old cloth bags or new filter cloth of the same material to fill the holes. The method of filling holes is to use silicone rubber compound for bonding, as long as the temperature of the adhesive and the chemical The performance can be adapted to the process conditions. When most of the filter bags are damaged, they should be replaced completely (when the filter material has been working for a long time, the fine dust accumulated in the filter material layer will reduce the air permeability and affect the air volume of the system, even if it is not damaged, all should be replaced) , It is best to replace the filter bag when the dust collector stops working.

1. When installing the filter bag, be careful and careful. Never let the filter bag collide or scratch with sharp or hard objects. Even small scratches will greatly shorten the life of the filter bag. The correct way to install the filter bag is to first put the filter bag into the room from the flower plate hole of the box body, then pinch the spring on the upper part of the pocket into a concave shape, and put it into the flower hole plate of the box body to restore the spring ring, and finally put the bag The cage is gently inserted from the mouth of the bag until the cover on the upper part of the cage is really pressed on the hole of the tube sheet in the box. In order to prevent the bag from being stepped on, it is required to install a bag cage every time a filter bag is installed.

2. For example, when replacing the dust filter bag, and the dust collector cannot stop working, if we want to replace the bag, we must first isolate the lines of each room, and then replace the bag in different rooms. The isolated room should be a lift valve. The closed state is processed, and the pulse valve does not work. When disassembling the filter bag, because there is a small amount of negative pressure at the mouth of the bag, be careful not to drop the filter bag into the ash hopper.

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