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Dust filter bags according to the cleaning method

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-16      Origin: Site


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The cleaning method of the bag filter is the primary condition for the selection of dust bag varieties. It can firstly determine whether the dust removal filter material is woven cloth, needled felt, compression felt or dust removal cloth bag (glass fiber filter bag). As for the specific specifications of the dust bag, further consideration can be made according to other filtering requirements.

1. Oscillation cleaning

The characteristic of this cleaning method is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is smaller than that of the pulse jet and reverse blowing type, and it is a low-energy type of dust cleaning. Therefore, a dust bag should be used. The oscillating wave transmission of the soft fabric is better

2. Reverse blowing (reverse suction shrink bag) cleaning

This cleaning method generally uses fabric dust removal bags, and can also use felt materials with relatively light cloth weight, high flexibility and small size changes. Among them, glass fiber dust filter bags are mostly used, and most of them are used in large bag filter. There are certain requirements for the hoisting, sewing, etc. of the dust bag. If you don't pay attention, it will have a great impact on the service life of the dust bag.

3. Pulse jet cleaning

The kinetic energy of this cleaning method applied to the dust layer is _, and it is a typical method of external filter cleaning. The dust removal power is very strong, and the residual amount of dust attached to the yarn of the dust removal bag is relatively small. The dust removal bag used is generally felt or needle-punched felt. Under the action of pulse injection, the dust removal bag is deformed a lot in an instant, and the stress is large, so the filter material with strong tension resistance must be used. The dust removal bag and the skeleton often rub, so wear-resistant dust removal bags should be used, and fabric dust removal bags can also be used.

4. Air ring blowing and cleaning

Since the dust removal performance is quite good, the dust removal bag is required to have good rigidity, fine pores, and good wear resistance. In this way, when the blowing air ring moves up and down, the dust removal bag will remain unchanged and will not fluff. So limit the use of felt or needle felt. And requires thick, high-density felt. The cloth weight should generally be 600 ~ 800g/m2.

5. Pulsing back blowing for cleaning

The kinetic energy exerted by this method on the dust is in the center of the high-energy type and the low-energy type. This kind of dust cleaning requires the dust removal bag to be flexible and also requires a certain rigidity. When using fabric dust removal bags, satin and twill fabrics are suitable. However, considering the dust removal power, filtration speed, and abrasion resistance to the skeleton, it is appropriate to use needle felt. m2 of needled felt. Woven fabrics are rarely used, and if necessary, various surface treatments should be performed.

6. Reverse blowing-oscillation cleaning

The kinetic energy of this cleaning applied to the dust layer is of low energy type. In the early days, most of the fabric dust removal bags were used. At present, most of the needle-punched felt is used, and the main reason is to improve the filtration speed. The needle-punched felt requires a cloth weight of 280-350g/m2 and a thickness of 1.0-1.3mm, and its air permeability is better. In the sewing and installation of the dust removal bag, we usually tighten the dust removal bag to prevent the meso-scale stretching of the filter, because when the dust removal bag is stretched to about 2%, the cleaning effect will deteriorate, so the dust removal bag is shaped and processed. In the middle, we will consider the technical conditions to prevent the elongation of the dust bag.

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