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Factors to consider when choosing filter media cloth

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There are many kinds of raw materials that can be used to make filter media, and there is more than one way to make filter media. Filter materials made with different raw materials and different production methods have different applicable conditions. Therefore, what kind of filter material to use should be carefully selected according to the conditions of use of different users.

The conditions to be considered when selecting filter materials are mainly as follows.

(1) Temperature: Because the temperature that the filter material made of different raw materials can withstand continuously for a long time is different, if the operating temperature is higher than the filter material can bear, the filter material will be damaged soon.

(2) Humidity: The moisture content in the gas is related to its dew point. The moisture content is high and the dew point is also high, which is easy to condense in the bag filter, so that the dust is easy to accumulate on the filter bag and affect the cleaning effect. If the dust collector often operates above and below the dew point, and the temperature is sometimes higher than the dew point, sometimes lower than the dew point, the filter material will become brittle and easily damaged. There is also an important problem, that is, if the bag filter is operated at high temperature and contains a lot of moisture, some filter materials will be quickly damaged due to hydrolysis.

(3) Chemical composition: If the dust-containing gas treated by the bag filter contains acid, alkali or organic solvent, the filter material that can resist the corrosion of these substances should be selected respectively. If the hot gas is processed and contains a certain amount of oxygen or oxidizable dust, some filter materials are easily damaged. The gas wound contains sulfur, which will greatly increase the dew point

(4) Flammability and explosion possibility: If the dust-laden air contains hydrogen, carbon monoxide, methane, acetylene and other flammable gases or grains, aluminum and other dusts reach a certain concentration range, a violent explosion will occur when encountering a fire source. In this case, a flame-retardant filter material that can eliminate static electricity should be selected.

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