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  • INTERMAT 2024
    On April 27, 2024, the 4-day Paris International Exhibition of Construction Machinery and Building Materials Machinery was successfully concluded at the Paris Villepin Exhibition Center. As one of the largest construction machinery industry exhibitions in the world, it has a high level of recognitio
  • Factors to consider when choosing filter media cloth
    There are many kinds of raw materials that can be used to make filter media, and there is more than one way to make filter media. Filter materials made with different raw materials and different production methods have different applicable conditions. Therefore, what kind of filter material to use s
  • Different Air Dust Filter Cloth Application
    Filter ClottemperatureFilter material performance and adapt to working conditionsCommon industries and working conditionsPolypropylene (PP)900CIt is suitable for working conditions where the continuous temperature is less than 900C and the instantaneous temperature does not exceed 1000C, the oxidati
  • Dust Filter Bags Material Filter Cloth
    Needle felt filter materials are mainly used in pulse dust-cleaning bag filter, and woven filter cloth is mainly used in blow-back large bag filter.  In the flue gas filtration and purification, the material of the filter cloth bag is generally determined by the flue gas temperature. Select appropri


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