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Filter Bags After Service in COVID-19

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From return to work on feb 14 , all of our production be normal . Face to the cutomers’ filter bags after service inquiry , Our company's original intention of 24-hour timely response remains unchanged .

 24, Feb . 2020

13:00 pm

Received the cilent’s filter bags after service inquiry : they need our  technical support online for the filter bags .

13:20 pm

The management of the company held a meeting and decided to arrange on-site service according to the actual difficulties of the customer and the epidemic situation in the customer's location since February .

14:00 pm

The Marketing Department starts the contingency plan, discusses the safety of the travel personnel, and determines the list of the travel personnel according to the physical condition of the employees.

15:00 pm

Travel personnel held meetings to prepare supplies, while the person in charge of the trip on their own protection issues repeatedly elaborated.


25,Feb . 2020

7:00 am Start Out

One protective bag for each person: mask, gloves, uv disinfection stick, disinfection spray, hand wash solution, alcohol cotton tablets, VC chewing tablets

11:00 am Arrive 

Arrive in the client’s site for service for customer . 

filter bags after service

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