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High temperature dust filter bags aging reasons

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High temperature dust filter bags aging reasons 

1. Abnormal operating temperature. If the temperature is too high, the dust filter bags will be blackened and burned. If the temperature is low, the condensation of the dust filter bags will be accelerated and the bag sticking phenomenon will easily occur. As time goes by, the dust filter bags will age and even affect the service life.

2. Acid-base imbalance, high-temperature dust filter bags will corrode due to contact with acid-base, so long-term acid-base imbalance will also cause the aging of dust  filter bags.

3. For the moisture in the flue gas, some dust filter bags will decompose if exposed to moisture for a long time. For example, dust filter bags made of polyester are more likely to age if they are decomposed by water.

4. When the high temperature dust filter bag is blocked, the resistance increases and the dust removal interval is shortened. These factors will accelerate the aging of the dust filter bags . 

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