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How bag filter deal with soot with sparks

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-05-11      Origin: Site


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When the bag filter is used to deal with smoke and dust with sparks such as sawdust boilers, rice husk boilers, aluminum regeneration furnaces and smelting furnaces, the burned dust in the furnace may enter the box with the airflow of the air duct, causing the dust accumulated on the dust removal bag. Fire may cause accidents.

So how should a bag filter deal with soot with Mars? To prevent sparks from entering the baghouse, the following measures should be taken:

1. Set up pre-dust collector and cooling pipeline

A cyclone or an inert dust collector is set in front of the bag filter as a pre-filter to capture coarse dust and sparks. In this way, too fine particle sparks are not easily captured. In most cases, the particulate dust can be collected before entering the dust collector. burn out.

Set a cooling pipe after the pre-dust collector, and control the flow rate in the pipe to make it as low as possible. This is a relatively reliable technical measure, which allows the gas to have a sufficient residence time in the tube.

2. Set up cooling spray tower

Gas cooling method with direct water spray in advance. In order to ensure the safety and fire prevention of dust-containing gas in the bag filter, the cooling water consumption is controlled and supplied.

Most of the burning dust can be cooled as soon as it comes into contact with the fine water droplets, but the water droplets are easily gasified. In order to cool the burning dust that has not been in contact with the water droplets, there should be necessary space and residence time.

In special cases, the combination of spray tower, cooling pipe and pre-dust collector is used to completely prevent sparks from mixing.

3. Set up the Mars capture device

Installing a Mars capture device on a pipeline is an easy and feasible method. At the same time, a spark alarm is installed. When the spark passes through the trap, it can send an electrical signal to alarm, and at the same time, stop the operation or change the gas circuit, etc.

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