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  • Filter bag installation precautions
    1) New process and old cloth bags should not be mixed to avoid different damage time affecting the normal work of dust removal equipment.2) Aging of cloth bags. If it is mainly caused by the following reasons, it is necessary to conduct cause investigation, take elimination measures and replace the
  • How to solve the dust accumulation problem of dust bag filter
    When the bag dust collector runs for a long time and the ash discharging device is not maintained in place or fails, the dust hopper of the dust collector will accumulate a large amount of ash. Then a large amount of ash accumulates on the bag dust collector in two aspects:On the one hand, it affect
  • The performance of various cleaning methods of dust bag filter
    Dust bag dust collector relies on the dust filter bag to filter the dust containing gas. When dusty gases pass through the dust removal filter bag, as they go deep inside the filter material, the gap between them gradually decreases, and finally forms a dust layer attached to the surface of the filt
  • How to use and maintain pulse bag filter in chemical plant
    Chemical plants generally choose to install a pulse bag dust collector, good maintenance is also a prerequisite to ensure the normal and stable operation of dust collector equipment. How to use and maintain the newly purchased dust collector?1. Cleaning inspection.Generally, this kind of dust collec
  • Characteristics of bag filter in asphalt concrete mixing plant
    Characteristics of bag-type dust collector in asphalt concrete mixing plant:1, bag type dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%, for more than 0.5μm of dust removal rate is above 99.99%;2, wide range of application, can be used for different t
  • Precautions for installation of dust filter bag
    1. Before installing the filter bag, it is necessary to remove the sundries on the air chamber and flower board, and then remove all the installation remnants in the box and ash bucket, such as lifting lugs, tools, small parts, welding electrodes, welding slag, etc.2, in addition to the size of the
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