How to solve the dust accumulation problem of dust bag filter

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-16      Origin: Site


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When the bag dust collector runs for a long time and the ash discharging device is not maintained in place or fails, the dust hopper of the dust collector will accumulate a large amount of ash. Then a large amount of ash accumulates on the bag dust collector in two aspects:

On the one hand, it affects the handling air volume. After the ash hopper accumulates serious ash, the resistance of the dust removal equipment will increase, the air inlet will become smaller, affecting the air volume and even blocking the air inlet.

On the other hand, it is easy to clog the dust bag. Most of the air inlet of the dust collector is on the ash bucket, and the dust falling into the ash bucket is easy to be blown up again when the ash bucket accumulates, forming secondary dust, the dust concentration increases, the resistance of the bag increases, and the bag is easy to be blocked or even damaged during long-term operation.

When the dust bucket accumulates dust in our dust collector, how should we deal with it?

Reason 1: The conveyor does not run with the main fan at the same time, and the dust of the main fan is not sent away in time when the working conveyor is not working, which will cause serious ash accumulation.

Solution: Before the main fan starts up, the conveyor and discharging equipment run 10-15 minutes in advance. After the main fan stops, the conveying equipment and discharging equipment should continue to open for 30-45 minutes, and there is no dust accumulation in the ash hopper. When the conveying equipment and discharging equipment stop, ash accumulation will not occur in the next dust collector operation.

Reason two: The water content of dust is too high. When the dust contains a certain amount of water, it will bond and not fall off easily, resulting in the bridge in the ash bucket.

Solution: the dust collector can be all heat preservation, and the bin wall vibrator is added at the ash hopper.

Reason three: the ash discharging device is not suitable for dust unloading with high water price. The structure of the ash scraping blade of the ash discharging device is V-shaped, and there is a bond between the V-shaped blades. At a certain time, the V-shaped blades become spherical, and the blades have no ash scraping ability, resulting in the inability to discharge the ash, the conveyor will be hanged, the decelerating electric machine will burn, and the ash bucket will pile the ash.

Solution: The ash discharging device should be removed and replaced with the pneumatic double-layer flip plate ash discharging device.


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