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How to use and maintain pulse bag filter in chemical plant

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Chemical plants generally choose to install a pulse bag dust collector, good maintenance is also a prerequisite to ensure the normal and stable operation of dust collector equipment. How to use and maintain the newly purchased dust collector?

1. Cleaning inspection.

Generally, this kind of dust collector equipment adopts a timing dust cleaning controller. Although the dust cleaning is convenient, we still need to check whether the dust cleaning period is accurate regularly in the process of use. If the inaccurate phenomenon is found, we should make timely adjustment. If the constant resistance pulse controller is used, the working condition of the pressure switch should be checked regularly to see if the pressure port is blocked. And clean it up in time.

2. Boot operation process

When starting up, the compressed air should be connected to the gas storage tank, the control power supply should be connected, and the ash discharge device should be started. If there are other devices in the system, the downstream equipment should be started first.

3. Shutdown operation process

When the dust collector equipment is shut down, after the process system stops, the pulse bag dust collector and exhaust fan should be kept working for a period of time to remove the remaining moisture and dust inside the equipment. In addition, after the dust collector stops working, the dust collector must be repeatedly cleaned (manual cleaning can be used) to remove the dust on the dust bag. To prevent the dust bag by moisture and paste the bag.

4. Data monitoring

Regular measurement of process parameters, such as smoke volume, temperature, concentration, abnormal, should find out the cause and timely treatment.

5. Maintenance and treatment of electromagnetic pulse valve

If the electromagnetic pulse valve is faulty, it should be removed in time. If there are impurities and water inside, it should be cleaned. If the diaphragm is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

6. Troubleshooting of motor and transmission system

Reducer, ash delivery device and other mechanical moving parts should be oil injection and oil change according to the regulations, found abnormal phenomenon should be eliminated in time.

7. Testing and maintenance of other devices

The oil-water separator in the gas storage tank and gas source triplet should discharge once per shift, and the oil-water separator should be cleaned once every 3 to 6 months. The oil mist should check the oil storage frequently and refuel in time.

8. Personnel management and training

Regular training and spot check shall be conducted on the management personnel of dust collector equipment to ensure that the operators on duty are familiar with the principle, performance and operating conditions of dust collector, and master the adjustment and maintenance methods.

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