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Precautions for installation of dust filter bag

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site


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1. Before installing the filter bag, it is necessary to remove the sundries on the air chamber and flower board, and then remove all the installation remnants in the box and ash bucket, such as lifting lugs, tools, small parts, welding electrodes, welding slag, etc.

2, in addition to the size of the civil construction foundation school, but also to check the quality of the foundation, qualified before installation.

3. Each part of the dust hopper, box body, air chamber and the connection between each part of the bag filter should have good sealing performance, and the kerosene penetration method should be used for inspection after assembly of each part.

4. Air tightness test should be done at the joints of the pipes and components of the injection system, and there should be no air leakage.

5. There must be a list when counting all parts. Check the production parts one by one according to the list to confirm whether there are any parts missing.

6, check the quality of each part is qualified, whether there is deformation and corrosion, if not qualified should be trimmed or replaced. The purchased parts can be assembled only if they have a quality certificate and no obvious appearance damage.

7, color plate and galvanized plate installation must be under the first, the first inside and outside the construction principle, to prevent rain into the insulation area, and the appearance should be beautiful.

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