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How high temperature can polyester filter bag withstand in general use?

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How high temperature can polyester filter bag withstand in general use?

Polyester filter bag is a kind of hard and soft fiber structure, high substrate strength, mechanical strength, good dust removal effect, low cost, low ash strength, low stable pressure loss. Long time use can prolong the life of polyester filter bag. Polyester filter bag has the characteristics of high air permeability, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, high energy absorption and high dust.

Polyester filter bag has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dust removal efficiency and long service life of ordinary felt filter cloth. Polyester filter bag high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance 150℃, acid and alkali resistance, excellent wear resistance. Polyester filter bag is a commonly used felt filter material.

The filter for sewing bag often has the filter material of the filter bag itself is not damaged, and the joint is cracked. It may be that the sewing material does not meet the requirements or the joint quality is not enough, and the joint shape may be wrong. In order to ensure the normal operation and service life of polyester filter bag, the choice of joint form is also a key link in the production process of coated filter bag. The selection of suitable sutured polyester filter bag material is better than the filter material itself, that is, the weather resistance, wear resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance, tensile resistance and other properties of the suture line are better than the filter material itself. With strong dust removal, cleaning ability. The double chain stitch is made in the filter bag and is sewn with longitudinal double thread. It is characterized by better elasticity and strength than sewing, which makes up for the defect of single chain stitch.

Polyester filter bag can continuously 80℃ working 90℃, instant temperature 90℃. Polyester filter bag has good dimensional stability, high strength and low elongation. In addition, polyester filter bag surface clean, easy to dust, low resistance, comprehensive chemical resistance.

Polyester filter bag has low shrinkage rate, good filtration performance, corrosion resistance, stable size, can be used in high temperature for a long time, not exceeding 260℃ and acid-base environment, scope of application and use restriction This filter bag product is suitable for gas-solid flow separation, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, low dust ratio. Polyester filter bags are widely used. It can meet the requirements of internal and external protection and environmental protection.

The damage and wear of polyester filter bag is always an important part of the maintenance cost of filter bag. Therefore, polyester filter bag should pay attention to adjust the dust collector exhaust. When the flow rate is large, automatic flow control system should be added to ensure that the dust collector operates under stable gas volume. Uneven air inlet, easy to cause the bag body local impact, resulting in bag perforation damage. At this time, the air intake should be installed on the ventilation pipe, otherwise, need to replace wear-resistant polyester filter bag.

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